My life is a lot more STRESS FREE and my dog is HAPPY! I couldn't ask for a more caring, loving pet sitter/walker! ​
Jennifer S. Costa Mesa

Jennifer S. Costa Mesa

Jennifer has been extremely reliable, flexible and patient with our ever-changing schedules.  She's also walked him on the weekends and stayed at our place when we're out of town.  It has been such a comfort for me each day receiving a picture from her showing me the fun they're having.  Jennifer and the team has truly made our transition to California much easier and I would highly recommend them!           

Andrea W. Irvine


Bailey always has the best of times when she visits on Wednesdays. What a blessing Jennifer is for me. Thanks for always accommodating my crazy schedule.

My Squish

I am Jennifer Ward, Owner of Pets at Play and prefer a more personalized experience, so all of your communication will go directly through me. After we have completed the Meet n Greet, you simply shoot me a text or email with your requested dates and I will reply. Pretty Easy!!

A bit about me...I started my first paid position working with dogs and cats in 1993. Boy, was I happy to get that job. Worked full-time with dogs and cats in an established boarding/training facility that took in 200+ dogs and cats in Broomfield, Colorado. So much to learn! It didn't take long for me to move up, my hard work paid off! It was then I knew my passion and life was always to include the furry four-legged critters,  I would always want them in my life to love, keep safe, and have fun!!

I enrolled into CSU with the hopes of becoming a veterinary, I did not make-the-cut but successfully walked away with a College of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences, B.S. Degree in Environmental Health. In 2003 I accepted a position with Summit County Health Department. I took the job yes but knew it wasn’t my future, I needed pets, animals in my day-to-day so I began "moonlighting", taking care of my friends pets while they went vacationing. 

I relocated back to home to California in July 2007 from Colorado after 15 years away. I got a position in 2008 at a large doggie daycare, providing pet services on the side. The daycare taught me a ton, for that I have no regrets but realized that not all dogs enjoy the environment and some require more one-on-one attention that can’t be given in a daycare/boarding environment. Which led to this!!! Pet Sitting and I love it!!! Pets at Play, Pet Sitting!! A new chapter. 

I look forward to building and growing Pets at Play and hope you join me! 

Know that I love all the animals entrusted in my care and treat them as my own.

They deserve a healthy, loving, safe, happy, stress-free life through exercise, stimulation and oodles of cuddles. The dogs and cats that surround me day-to-day give me absolute joy that takes over my being ~Jennifer

Judy C. Tustin

Pets at Play, Pet Sitting

PAWSitively the BEST

My Tater-Tot