9 PM- ~7 AM (10 hrs)$80, includes 2 walks; 1st upon Arrival, 2nd prior to Bye-Bye

8 PM- ~ 8 AM (12 hrs)$85, includes 3 walks; 1st upon Arrival, 2nd before Night-Night, & 3rd prior to Bye-Bye. ​​ 

Tuck-In Service: Perfect for the independent type pet. Pets at Play sitter will walk & hang for 1.5 hours in the PM, then return in the morning

The Dog Walking service is essential for clients that need a reliable extra hand with getting their dog outside, whether it be a quickie potty walk or a more extensive walk while you are on a getaway, at work, out-and-about, or simply too busy!  ​
When your pet is left behind, they are bored, just waiting for you to return home, you are their world! This is where Pets at Play can be of service!  A walk around your neighborhood, allowing them an opportunity to potty and provides them with visual and mental stimulation which is so important for a happy, healthy pet.

 Dog Walking Services 

Slumber Party*Pets at Play sitter will spend the night on your couch or guest bed while you are away. Your pet will be COMFORTABLE with overnight company in their familiar SAFEPLACE and can even sleep in bed with us, with permission of course! 

Weekly Regular Rates

Clients that use our walk service consistently from week-to-week. Such as every Wednesday Weekends +$2

 Overnight Service 



Sitter arrives~7:00 PM, stays for 1.5 hours Includes walk upon arrival, hang-out, play, then one more quick walk before getting tucked-in for the night.

Sitter will return the following morning ~7-8 AM for a 20-30 minute wake-feed-walk 

20 minutes    $20

30 minutes    $25

45 minutes    $30

1 Hour           $35

First time clients will be charged $10-$20 late booking fee if service is required within 5 days of contact  

PAWSitively the BEST

Occasional Assistance Rates No set schedule, just random requests

Weekends +$2

Pets at Play, Pet Sitting

20 minutes    $19 (1-3 days/week), $18 (4-5 days/week)

30 minutes    $24 (1-3 days/week), $23 (4-5 days/week)

45 minutes    $29

1 Hour          $35

Cancellation Fee $15-$20 will apply if not notified within 4 hours from scheduled arrival time.